Top 5 Reasons to Attend Today’s Cleanup Event

Alex and Afzali pose next to collected trash (2010)

It’s now early in the morning. In case you read this post before noon today, see if you can please join us at the Hollywood shopping complex in today’s annual cleanup event. The event will start at 10am and run until 1pm; you can join anytime you want.

I posted a few pictures yesterday showing how bad our part of the city has become in terms of collecting trashes over the past few months. If that did not convince you to join today’s event, please consider the following top 5 reasons to come to the event.

  1. Help keep a healthy environment: Trashes are health hazards; they often help breed and spread diseases.  Let’s get rid of them.
  2. Promote a community spirit: Events such as community cleanups are great venues to meet and interact with your fellow residents and neighbors.
  3. Check out with your elected officials: You’ll get to see and talk to your elected officials from the City and the County in these events. Get to know them more and find out what they can do for your neighborhood.
  4. Beautify your neighborhood: No one wants to come and visit to a neighborhood full of trashes. Help clean the streets and make them attractive to others.
  5. If we don’t do, then who will? Frankly, our City and the County don’t have the necessary resources to clean our neighborhood on a regular basis. True they come once every week to collect trashes that we gather inside our houses, but what about those trashes that pile up on our streets? You and and I are the ones who will have to do this job. We don’t have any other choices.

See you soon at the event. You’ll love the event, I guarantee.

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