The fifth and final reason you should attend today’s Town Hall is to connect with your elected representatives, fostering a deeper engagement in the democratic process. While you can always participate in the weekly City Council meetings, it’s important to note that during those gatherings, you are restricted to addressing questions solely about the specific items listed on the meeting agenda. In contrast, today’s town hall provides an exceptional opportunity to pose any question for the Mayor and Council members, who the community has chosen to act as their voice and advocate for their concerns. This event enables you to directly interact with your elected officials, allowing for a more personal and comprehensive dialogue on a broader range of topics that matter to you and your fellow constituents.
Please attend in-person at City Hall or watch virtually via Zoom , or at  or on the City’s cable channel (FiOS: 25 and Xfinity: 71).
We look forward to seeing at the event soon. Thank you!