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Tonight’s Special Meeting at NCPCA: ‘Spooky House’, ‘Beautify Hollywood’ and Rt1 Bypass on UMd’s Golf Course

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

The North College Park Citizen’s Association normally goes to recess during this time of the year, but will have a special meeting tonight at Davis Hall.

The meeting will start at 7:30pm with the 9909 Baltimore Avenue discussion. There is a proposal to purchase of the property using funds of Program Open Space. Council member Wojahn and I have requested this discussion, and would like NCPCA to take a position. See more about the development in my earlier post.

Members will also discuss the project “Beautify Hollywood”. U.M. Pr. The Univ. of MD. Dept of Fraternity and Sorority Life is interested in developing projects in College Park to engage in a neighborhood clean-up, plant trees, do landscaping, fix up parks, etc. This will be a brainstorming discussion.

NCPCA will also discuss a new development involving Route 1 bypass on the UMd’s golf course. I have this note from the NCPCA mail listserv: “A ‘notable alumnus’ is proposing to construct a new highway from I-95 to the Univ. of Md. to support a major development on 60+ acres of the U.M. Golf Course.  Apparently, the proposal has been discussed at high levels, but no decision has been made at the University level.  It has been the position of NCPCA to oppose construction of a new bypass highway, and to support funding for reconstruction of US 1 instead.  Representatives of 17 civic associations met 2 days ago to discussed this issue, and the overwhelming sense is that this concept should be vigorously opposed.”

Also, at 6:30 pm, the officers will discuss their priorities and ideas for topics, speakers and events. Everyone is invited! If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the next year, please plan to attend this meeting.

See you all tonight.


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  1. pat

    I don’t see why building a Beltway-to-UMD access road would preclude reconstructing Rt. 1. There will still be plenty of traffic on Rt. 1 even if some University traffic is taken off, especially with the development going on in Riverdale and Hyattsville (and apparently on the UMD golf course.) I thought the state was already committed to making the Rt. 1 reconstruction happen?

  2. anon

    I would second Pat’s comment. Building the bypass and improving Route 1 are not mutually exclusive. The only way to resolve traffic issues on Route 1 is to both significantly improve Route 1 AND improve alternative means of accessing and traveling through the city. The purple line might help, but that’s years, maybe decades away. A bypass to the Beltway either through a new highway, or by better utilizing/expanding Kenilworth Avenue is a great idea. I am disappointed to see so many people in power in this City take a shortsighted approach to the biggest non-public safety issue facing this municipality.

    You simply can’t solve transportation problems in College Park by improving Route 1 alone. A bypass and better transit, expanded/improved nearby roadways are a must. I will vote against anyone opposing these necessary upgrades and additions to advance College Park.

  3. Fazlul Kabir

    Anon, the idea is still in a very preliminary proposal stage. Neither the University, nor the City Council has seen the actual plan, discussed it and taken a position about this. We will keep you all posted as I find more about this

  4. anita

    I’m not sure why the university and city do not advertise all of the alternative routes that already exist to get to the UMCP. It’s ridiculous to even consider another road in this already over asphalted area. REALLY, another road? I would really love to see more walking trails and bike paths, not another road. They tell me they can’t even afford to do upgrades to Rte 1 or add bike paths and walking trails, now a major highway is being tossed into the mix. If you remember this project died many years ago, money and time should not be wasted again.

    Let’s see how can we get to UMCP from the Beltway without an additional road?

    Take University Blvd directly to campus.
    Take University Blvd to Paint Branch Rd to New Hampsire to Metzerott Road.
    Take New Hampshire Ave to Adelphi Road.
    Take New Hampshire Ave to Metzerott Road.
    Take New Hampshire Ave to Powder Mill Road to Riggs Road to Adelphi Road.
    Take Rte 1 (This is always my very LAST choice)
    Take Kenilworth Ave to Calvert Road.
    And if you’d like more options I will add them.

    I will vote AGAINST anyone who encourages these unnecessary upgrades and additions to add more highways to an area that already has too many.

  5. Fazlul Kabir

    Anita, Thanks for your comments. Actually, there was an effort of educating motorists on the 495 beltway about alternate routes of Baltimore avenue (Route 1). The SHA added signs on the beltway asking motorists to use Kenilworth avenue to get to the UMd. I am not aware of signs about other options you mentioned. Thanks again.

  6. anon

    All of those roadways mentioned above are inadequate and overmatched to handle the traffic College Park sees every day. Go to State College, PA; Boulder, CO; Charlottesville and Blacksburg, VA; Chapel Hill, NC and Athens, GA and many other towns home to large state flagship universities and see how they handle traffic. They all have bypasses and think forward and realistically about handling the enormity of transportation needs for their massive college towns. The difference between places like those and College Park? They’re not 8 miles from D.C. and embedded in one of the busiest, largest metropolitan regions in the country and part of one of the worst traffic areas in America. So why are those cities handling these problems much better than we are? We’re decades overdue for improvements in this arena.

    I do agree that all of the options named above are options to access College Park, but they haven’t been viable and adequate solutions for our transportation problem in decades. Improving all of those thoroughfares – and adding things like trails, bike paths and – gasp! – sidewalks is simply overdue. Those things aren’t pushing the envelope. They’re simply doing the minimum necessary to keep us moving. We should be ashamed it has taken this long to even consider these features.

    This discussion for me – regardless of whether you support or oppose any new or expanded roadways through College Park – is about one thing: Whether you’re happy with the incredibly mediocre results we’ve gotten so far as a city, flagship college town and community, or whether you want them to get better in a hurry. For me, one of the easiest ways to improve College Park is to improve the traffic and transportation options in this area. Period. Let’s get to work.

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