NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and hence the day when we have our monthly NCPA meeting.

The meeting will start with a presentation by a representative from the WSSC. There have been a number of complaints and questions about their current improvement work that is taking place in Daniels Park.

We’ll also discuss the proposed Community Bulletin Boards in our district. We will review options for the two community bulletin boards that will be installed in our neighborhood.

The Duvall Field Committee will then present a report on potential improvements for Duvall Field will be reviewed.

Members will also discuss the Mundo Market located at 5000 Edgewood Road, College Park, Maryland 20740. The Mundo Market has recently applied for a Class B liquor license through the Prince George’s County Board of License Commissioners. This hearing is currently scheduled for November 22, 2016. Mundo Market will also be on the City Council’s agenda for the November 15, 2016.

The meeting will take place at Phillips-Kleiner VFW Post at 5051 Branchville Road, starting at 7:30. Hope to see you all there. Thanks.