NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and hence the ay when the NCPCA has its monthly meeting.

The meeting will start with a presentation about “Rain Check Rebate Program”. Debra Weller from the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment will talk about ways homeowners can up to $4,000 in rebates for installing ‘Rain Check’ approved stormwater management practices.

Steve Beavers from the City’s Planning Department will then talk about the Storm Water Management Projects in North College Park will discuss some upcoming projects in our community.

Mr. Beavers will also talk about potential Community Garden Project in North College Park. Is a community garden something our community wants? We’ll talk about what’s been done in other parts of the city and options for similar projects in North College Park.

As always meeting will start at 7:30pm at Davis Hall. see you all there.