NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Agenda Times & Topics (subject to change)

7:30 Welcome & Review of procedures.
7:35 NCPCA officers’ reports & approval of October, November, & December 2021 minutes.
2021 NCPCA Financial Summary Report (PDF File)
DRAFT October 2021 NCPCA Meeting Minutes
DRAFT November 2021 NCPCA Meeting Minutes
DRAFT December 2021 NCPCA Meeting Minutes will be posted when available.
7:45 County Councilmember Tom Dernoga addresses your issues including: home assessments, redistricting, community center, fireworks and drag racing.
8:30 Subcommittee on recruitment — 2-3 volunteers needed to implement members’ ideas, e.g., new signage, newspaper ads, etc.
8:45 Brainstorming session on 2023 FY Budget Wishlist.
9:05 NCPCA letter to MD Department of Assessments & Taxation and 21st delegation regarding questionable assessments and appeal process — possible motion.
9:20 New Business & Future Agenda Items.