NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and hence the day when we’ve our monthly NCPCA meeting. Here are a few items members will discuss:

Proposed Streetscape Improvements for Hollywood Commercial District– City Planning staff will provide an update on conceptual designs and take feedback on the designs.

Drainage Mapping with the Environmental Finance Center– Staff from the Environmental Finance Center at UMD will take input from residents on areas where drainage is a concerns and locations where stormwater practices are lacking.

Prince George’s County’s Rain Check Program– A county representative will talk about the Rain Check program and how residents can receive a rebate for implementing water-capturing projects on their residential and commercial properties.

The presentation about the proposed Branchville Crossing Development has been rescheduled for our March meeting.  Cruz Development’s headquarters are in Boston and due to the massive snowfall the presenters are unable get out of Boston.