NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Please see below the important items the North College Park Community Association ( NCPCA) members will be discussing at tonight’s meeting. As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30 pm, at Davis Hall.

1. Charter Review Commission report – The CRC was charged with evaluating the pros and cons of lengthening the term for College Park’s elected officials from two years to four years, and whether those terms should be staggered for Councilmembers. John Krouse, an appointed CRC member will summarize the report and Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir and Kate Kennedy present an update on the Council’s future actions.

2. Candidate Forum – in preparation for the November elections, members will decide on whether to hold a candidates forum as had been done in past years and if so, how it will be organized.

3. EZ Storage (Branchville) – this project was brought before NCPCA 2017 but since that time, the conceptual site plan has had some major changes. The project was never brought back to NCPCA, however, County Councilmember, Tom Dernoga, would like our feedback on the project. Mary Cook will give a brief update on the project.

4. City Bond Bill – A motion was made at the last meeting asking “the City Council to put to referendum approval of the $21+ million for a new City Hall on the November 5 ballot in order to give voters an opportunity to decide whether they want to pay for this project.” A letter was sent prior to last Tuesday’s night Council worksession. Update on next steps.

5. SHA update – brief summary of the results of last month’s meeting. Senator Rosapepe’s office subsequently was in touch. Discussion of next steps.

6. Helicopter flyovers – at the June 13 meeting, we voted to send a letter regarding the helicopter flyovers. Since that time, there has been an article in the Washington Post and the City Council