NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and hence the day when the NCPCA has their monthly meeting.

The meeting will start with a presentation about the North College Park Community Center. Former Councilmember Nagle and I will present ideas for consideration, and how planning for such an important new amenity might be funded and designed.

The group then discuss County’s Zoning Code Rewrite. In follow-up to the NCPCA meeting on Nov. 9, NCPCA members developed a set of questions for consideration by City staff and then worked to understand the rewrite process and implications of rezoning on residents. The City Council approved a letter of comments on Dec. 5 that reflected many concerns of NCPCA. However, the zoning code rewrite and a new zoning map are still under development and will be approved in a two-step process in 2018.

It is unknown what zoning changes may ultimately be proposed or approved, so ongoing NCPCA involvement seems needed to ensure that changes along US 1 and MD 193, and in areas near Hollywood Commercial District and Greenbelt Metro are understood. Those who live anywhere near those areas could be impacted by zoning changes and relaxation of requirements for transportation adequacy, etc.

The group will also have a Holiday Party. Members are invited to bring drinks or snacks to share as we pause to enjoy a short break. Cookies and other seasonally-appropriate sweets are especially welcome ?

Members will also discuss procedures for resident communication to City Council about City charter amendments, ordinances and other official matters.

Hope to see you all tonight.