Agenda Times & Topics are subject to change.  Draft minutes of the February 14, 2019 NCPCA meeting will be distributed at the meeting and may also be posted at
7:30  Call to Order and urgent announcements regarding conduct of meeting, followed by motion to approve the agenda with any changes this evening.
7:35  Recognition of Arthur Eaton.  Arthur was a long-time resident of our community, and previously served as President and Vice President of NCPCA.  He passed away on February 17.
7:45  NCPCA Letter – Community Center in North College Park.  A letter developed by Mary Cook (NCPCA Community Center Committee) from NCPCA to Sen. Rosapepe with many cc’s will be read for approval.
8:00  NCPCA Letter – Hollywood Streetscape, Exercise Path and Narragansett Run.  A letter developed by Mary Cook (from NCPCA to Prince George’s Councilmember Tom Dernoga) will be read for approval.
8:10 NCPCA Bylaws & Membership Dues.  The four items below were discussed on Jan. 10, and formal motions were introduced on Feb. 14.  NCPCA Bylaws are at .  Today, we will vote on all four of the following:
1.  Bylaws Change to Article 1 Name.  The following text is proposed for addition to the Bylaws, after the current text:  NCPCA is incorporated in the State of Maryland as North College Park Citizens Association, and uses that name for all tax and legal purposes.
2.  Bylaws Change to Article IV Membership Section 3.  The following text is proposed for deletion:  The Association may, in addition to dues, assess an annual mailing fee to cover the cost of sending the newsletter and other communications by postal mail.
3.  Bylaws Change to Article V Meeting Section 5 Quorum.  A quorum at a meeting shall be at least seven NCPCA members.
4.  Dues Increase.  Dues of NCPCA shall be $10 per year, starting on June 1 and ending on May 31, 2020.  Note:  Dues must be paid before the NCPCA officer elections on June 9, 2019.
8:25  NCPCA City Budget Priorities.  The list of priorities was developed with input of members on February 14, but due to very low attendance on that date the priorities were notsent to City Council.  The priorities will be quickly reviewed, and a motion to allow members who were not present on February 14 to add their priorities will be considered.
8:30  Break & Refreshments.  Members are always welcome to bring something to share while all of us enjoy a quick break and complete the budget priorities exercise.
 8:35  Tax Update.  Larry Bleau will present some highlights of recent tax changes.
8:45  NCPCA Picnic Update.  News about planning for the Hollywood Heritage Picnic event in Spring will be presented. 
8:55  Approval of Minutes, Officers Reports.  Minutes of our February 14 meeting will be approved, and NCPCA Officers will provide reports. 
9:00  NCPCA Officer Election Nominating Committee.  Elections will be June 13, and all offices will be selected by vote on that date.  Members are needed to develop a list of candidates for each office and to create ballots.