College Park City Hall

This is what we have on our agenda for the regular meeting tonight:

Proposed Consent Agenda:
1.13-G-33 – A Letter of Recommendation for AlHuda School. The Council will consider sending a letter in response to Al-Huda School’s request that the City provide a recommendation for the school. As some of you know, the School is planning to move to a new facility in Western Howard County in Fall 2014. Al-Huda requested this letter so that it could obtain financing for the new school.

Non-consent agenda:
2.13-G-36 – Award of FY2014 Contracts for Dental Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. The Council will consider awarding contracts for FY2014 insurance coverage for workers’ compensation, general liability, and dental insurances. Council will consider retain the current contractors for each of these insurance policies – this would keep our premiums constant for dental insurance at $43,000, allow for a slight decrease of workers compensation insurance at $173,488, and allow for a likely $10,000 decrease in liability insurance premiums to $143,030.

3.13-G-37 – Approval of Litton Technology Center Plan. After a few worksessions discussing it, the Council will consider recommending conditional support for the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision for the Litton Technology Center, a part of the M Square development near College Park Metro station. The Council and City staff were concerned about the nature of the proposed development and the lack of walkability and mixed use transit-oriented development in the project due to potential security issues around a high-security Federal government tenant. Although the portion of the area of land under consideration for development further from the College Park Metro is subject to a development cap, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission has indicated that the are subject to the cap should be flexible.

4.13-G-34 – Approval of a Letter Supporting Bill CB-6: County Councilmember Eric Olson has proposed CB-6 before the County Council Committee on Planning, Zoning and Economic Development (PZED). This bill is part of an ongoing discussion of how to encourage transit-oriented development in the County, especially development around the County’s Metro stations. This bill will be considered by PZED on Thursday, March 13 at 6 pm, so the Council will consider supporting the bill at this week’s Council meeting.

5.13-G-39 – Approval of a Letter Supporting Bill CB-12: Another proposed Bill to encourage transit-oriented development is CB-12, the “Transit-Oriented Jobs Act of 2013,” sponsored by Councilmember Franklin and five others County Councilmembers. This legislation came out of meetings that followed legislation that Councilmember Franklin introduced last fall, which many municipalities, including College Park, opposed. It requires that developers engage in a pre-application conference in order to encourage citizen participation and input before an expedited review process.This bill will also be considered by PZED on Thursday, March 13 at 6 pm.

6.13-G-35 – approval of a Letter to SHA Supporting Route 1 Redevelopment. In last week’s Council worksession, Mayor Fellows stated that there have been efforts to divert funding for Route 1 redevelopment to somewhere else. Someone in the General Assembly commented in a hearing that they believed the City wished to tie reconstruction of Route 1 to undergrounding of utilities, which could be prohibitively expensive. In tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider sending a letter to State Highway Administration (SHA) encouraging them to continue progress on Route 1 design. The letter will also advise SHA that the question of undergrounding utilities should not delay funding for U.S. Route 1.

7.13-CR-01 – Introduction of a Charter Amendment to Create Special Taxing District to Improve Public Safety. Please see my yesterday’s post to know more about this.

8.13-G-38 – Appointment of the Board of Election and Other Appointment:The Council will consider the biennial appointment of the Board of Election Supervisors, as follows: Jack Robson, Terry Wertz, Maxine Gross, Linda Lachman, and Charles Smolka. In addition, Jack Robson will be designated as the Chief of Elections. The compensation for the Chief of Elections shall be $480 for each of the next two years. The compensation for the Supervisors of Elections shall be $360 in an election year. Also, the Council will consider appointing District 1 resident Tricia Homer to the Cable Television Commission. Thanks to all of our residents who volunteer to serve on these boards and committees!