College Park City Hall

Here is a rundown of what the Council will be discussing / voting on at tonight’s Council meeting:

Maryland Book Exchange: The developer and the architect of Maryland Book exchange came to last week’s Council worksession to talk about their revised plan. Though the developer has made some minor changes to comply with the step down requirement of Route 1 sector plan, but the three-story section facing the residential neighborhood is only 25 feet deep and includes a steep roof, as opposed to 50 feet suggested by the District Council. There have also been a few other concerns, notably related to pedestrian safety, courtyard, massing and storm drain plans. The Council will be considering a position continuing its opposition to the project.

The Council will be considering a number of amendments to the City Code regarding election procedures. The most significant is to extend the voting hours from open up at 7 am and close at 8 pm. There will be two two public hearings about amendments, starting at 7:10pm.

The Council will be considering renewal of the employment agreement with Joe Nagro, our City Manager, give him a 2.0% pay increase and a onetime bonus $2,500.00 for the next year.

The Council will consider approving the new fee waiver policy for the Fall Field Use Application by the Maryland Stingers.

In last week’s work session, we proposed adding an additional seat to the Committee so that Kimberly Schumann, who lives in North College Park and runs the Markethawker blog ( can participate. Because City’s Farmer’s Market Committee currently consists of only 7 members, the Council will consider adopting a resolution to increase the membership of the committee to 8 members.

Since City’s Animal Control Board (ACB) was initially was established, however, a couple of things have happened that largely made the ACB redundant The Council will consider supporting an introduction to eliminate the board.

Please let me know if you have any questions.