COVID-19 vaccines are in high demand and short supply. Maryland trails more than 40 states in getting vaccines in people’s arms.
The District 21 delegation is hosting an online Town Hall to talk about the vaccine rollout and how we can improve vaccine distribution.
Most importantly, the Delegation wants to hear from you — your questions and how we can help you.
The expert guests will be Dr. Ligia Peralta (pictured), Associate Profes­sor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology and Director of the Adolescent HIV Program of the De­partment of Pediatrics, UMD School of Medicine and Dr. Boris Lushniak, former US Surgeon General and now Dean of the University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health.
Please join the town hall today, Thursday, March 4, at 7 pm.
District 21 legislators are on the COVID 19 oversight workgroup and are sponsoring legislation to expand testing, tracing, and vaccinations.
Please email 21st Delegations at or call at 301-858-3141 to let us know how they can help you.