College Park City Hall

Here is the agenda for tonight’s Council meeting.

Proclamations and Presentations:
1.ARBOR DAY PROCLAMATION. The Council will be issuing a proclamation for Labor Day, which is April 26, marking the day in 1872 that J. Sterling Morton planted more than a million trees in Nebraska. College Park has been recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA due to its practices preserving our tree canopy.

2.MARYLAND DAY 2013: EXPLORE OUR WORLD OF FEARLESS IDEAS. Maryland Day is a massive annual event at the University of Maryland typically attended by tens of thousands of people, with events and activities from just about every department and student organization on campus. This year, Maryland Day will be taking place next Saturday, April 27, from 10 am-4 pm. The University of Maryland will be present Tuesday night to talk about some of the features of the event. Please try to come next week, and if you do, come visit us at the College Park City tent on McKeldin Mall!

3.LAKELAND STARs PRESENTATION BY PAINT BRANCH STUDENTS AND U-MD TUTORS. The Lakeland STARs (which stands for Students Taking Active Responsibility) program is a collaboration between the University of Maryland and Paint Branch Elementary School to tutor students from the Lakeland neighborhood in College Park. Every year, tutors from the STARs program come before the Council with some of the students they’ve tutored to talk about the experience. This year, the program will be giving special recognition to graduating senior Niklas Berry.

Proposed Consent Agenda:
4.13-G-56 – SPRING FIELD USE REQUESTS FOR USE OF DUVALL FIELD AND CONCESSION BUILDING AND CALVERT SCHOOL FIELD BY THE COLLEGE PARK BOYS & GIRLS CLUB The College Park Boys and Girls Club (CPB&GC) uses Duvall Field and Calvert Hills Field for Spring and Summer athletic events such as softball, football, lacrosse, soccer, T-ball and baseball, at times specified by the approved Field Use Requests. The CPB&GC has submitted field use requests to the Recreation Board as required. The CPB&GC has submitted requests to use Duvall Field and the Calvert Hills for consideration. The requests are to hold various sports events and activities from March 1, 2012 through July 31, 2013 and include a request for use of the Duvall Field Concession Stand throughout the year for all sports events. The City Council has determined that the CPB&GC should have precedence over all other field use requests. This is established by Council adoption of Section IV.2 of the City Recreation Facilities Rules and Regulations; the full text of which is available on the City’s website here . The Council will consider approval of the Field Use Requests from the CPB&GC for the use of Duvall Field (and the Refreshment Stand) and Calvert Hills Field for 2013 Spring sports events as part of the consent agenda at tomorrow’s meeting.

5.13-G-57 – SUNDAY FIELD USE REQUEST BY THE COLLEGE PARK BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB FOR DUVALL FIELD FOR LACROSSE GAMES: APRIL 7, NOON-3 PM, APRIL 21, 10:30 AM-4:30 PM, APRIL 28, NOON-6 PM : The College Park Boys and Girls Club (CPB&GC) has submitted a request to use Duvall Field for consideration. The requests are to host Sunday home games for the lacrosse league in which they play. CPB&G Club has applied for Sunday use on April 7, 21, and 28, 2013. The application for April 7 was received too late to schedule for Council consideration. Field use rules allow the City Manager to approve use in those circumstances. The April 7th field use was approved in that way. The field use rules require City Council approval of organized Sunday use. The Recreation Board considered and recommended approval of this request at their regular meeting on Monday, April 1, 2013. The Council will consider approving the CPB&GC Field Use Requests at tomorrow’s regular meeting.

6.13-G-58 – FIELD USE REQUEST BY MARYLAND MILESTONES/ATHA, INC., FOR DUVALL FIELD PARKING LOT, SAT., MAY 25, 2013, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM FOR BIKE RALLY START/END POINTS: The Anacostia Trails Heritage Area (ATHA, Inc.) /Maryland Milestones, has requested approval of the use of the Duvall Field parking lot from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 25 for a bike rally. ATHA is not requesting use of the playing fields. The lot will be used for parking, as the start and end point for the rally, and for registration. The College Park Boys and Girls Club have a permit to use the field and concession building during this time. The Club was consulted and has no objection to the ATHA use as requested. The Recreation Board considered and approved this request at their regular meeting on Monday, April 1, 2013. The Council will consider approving the request in tomorrow’s regular meeting.

7.13-G-59 – APPROVAL OF A REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF DUMPSTER PERMIT FOR 180 DAY FROM MARCH 27, 2013 TO SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 FOR 8317 POTOMAC AVE. (PAUL AND SANDRA KIERNAN) The dumpster permits issued to Mr. & Mrs. Kiernan of 8317 Potomac Avenue expired on March 27, 2013. The City Code now requires the approval of Mayor and Council to extend the permit period. The Kiernans have requested an extension of this permit. The Council received a letter sent in December 2012 indicating that Mr. Kiernan is in poor health and that they required more time to do an extensive cleaning of their house, but hoped to be done by summer. The applicant was invited to attend last week’s worksession and Mrs. Kiernan explained that they are still working on their cleaning project. The Council will consider approval of extending this permit at tomorrow’s Council meeting.

Non-Consent Agenda:
8.INTRODUCTION OF 13-O-03, AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE FY 2013 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET. Council will begin consideration of an amendment to the budget of the current fiscal year (FY 2013) to take $1.5 million from unassigned reserve funds to place in the Capital Improvement Budget for the City Hall renovation. This will allow the City to proceed with the City Hall renovation project over the next year without taking funds from the FY 2014 budget. The City currently has approximately $5.944 million in reserve funds, so this would reduce the reserves to approximately $4.444 million. The City has a goal of maintaining at least a quarter of its annual operating budget in reserve funds – the proposed FY 2014 operating budget is $14.654 million, so the unassigned reserve budget would be 30.33% of that. This amendment to the FY 2013 budget is proposed to be introduced on Tuesday evening, and there will be a public hearing on this the evening of May 14, 2013 at 7:00 pm.

9.INTRODUCTION OF 13-O-04, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 110 “FEES AND PENALTIES” BY REPEALING AND REENACTING SECTION 110-1 “FEES AND INTERESTS” TO INCREASE THE APPLICATION FEES FOR THE OCCUPANCY PERMITS REQUIRED BY SECTION 144. During its budget worksession, the Council discussed increasing application fees for occupancy permits. These fees are meant to cover between 70 and 80% of the City’s costs for its annual rental and commercial property inspection program. Currently, these application fees cover approximately 70% of the cost of that program. The proposed ordinance would increase the fees as follows for rental properties: single-family residences – $235 to $244; condominium units – $145 to $150; townhouse units – $235 to $244; rooming houses – $230 to $238 per building; buildings with 6 or more units – $120 to $125 per unit; buildings with 2-5 units – $200 to $207 per unit; fraternities and sororities – $560 to $580 per building; hotels/motels and tourist facilities – $40 to $41 per rentable guest room. For commercial and industrial facilities, the fee would increase from $120 to $124 for each permit. These changes would increase the revenue from occupancy permit application fees by approximately $47,000 in the FY 2014 budget. There will be a public hearing on this ordinance the evening of May 14, 2013.

10.INTRODUCTION OF 13-O-05, AN ORDINANCE TO ADOPT THE FY 2014 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET. The Council will introduce the FY 2014 budget. The City Manager’s proposed budget is available here - – with the most important information and highlights included in the Introduction session. The Council made the following changes during its budget discussions over the past two weeks (with increased or, if in parentheses, decreased amounts to the budget):

1. Increase M&C salary (for new Council) 10% with fringe benefits, effective 01/01/14 (6 months) – $2,563
2. Increase student liaison stipend 10% – $150
3. Increase cable camera operator from $125 to $150 per meeting – $1,200
4. Decrease litigation from $25,000 to $15,000 – ($10,000)
5. Increase cable camera operator from $125 to $150 for live broadcast of election results – $25
6. Increase cable camera operator from $125 to $150 for live Commission 1014 streaming of pre-election training seminar – $25
7. Reduce Assistant City Manager to 9 months – ($27,634)
8. Restore contract police to 7.45 FTE’s – $5,236
9. Increase occupancy permit fees approximately 3.6% to have occupancy permit revenue cover 75% self-support of Code Enforcement program costs – ($46,886)
10. Reduce proposed real property tax rate increase by 25% (from 0.340 to 0.335) – $98,575
11. Reduce proposed real property tax rate increase by 25% (from 0.340 to 0.335) – impact on PILOT for University of Maryland CASL – $737
12. Reduce proposed real property tax rate increase by 25% (from 0.340 to 0.335) – impact on PILOT for former Washington Post property – $564
13. Reduce proposed personal property tax rate increase by 25% (from 0.850 to 0.838) – $10,450.

As mentioned above, we will be available to answer questions and hear your suggestions about the budget at our Town Hall meeting on Monday, April 29 at 7 pm at Davis Hall. Also, the Council will be holding a public hearing on the budget on the evening of Tuesday, May 14. Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

11.13-G-60 – APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS AND COMMITTEES. The Council will consider reappointment of Jim McFadden to the Advisory Planning Commission and Gabriel lriarte to the Airport Authority for a three-year Term. It will also consider appointment of Solonnie Privett to the Recreation Board.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.