NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

Tomorrow is the second Thursday of the  week and hence the day of North College Park Civic Association’s monthly meeting. This will be the first meeting after the long summer break.

Here is a rundown of what will happen in tomorrow’s meting:

Greenbelt Metro Sector Plan:

Members will discusses proposed changes to existing plans, and significant new development impacts to our community. These include:

1. Status of the Sector Plan: Public hearing on October 2.

2. Relationship of Jack Johnson conspiracy to previous zoning approvals.

3. Level of design detail in the New Sector Plan.

4. Change of Beltway ramp designs.

5. Relocation of North-South Connector Road.

6. Changes to Narragansett Run, vernal pool area, stormwater flow.

7. Design of Metro parking garages and impacts on nearby residents.

8. Building height and setback distance from Metro station.

A Farmer’s Market in North College Park?

Kimberly Schuman (who lives in Hollywood!) will discuss concepts for a farmers market in the parking lot of Mom’s & REI

A New Car Wash in Branchville?

Jay Drury, potential developer of property in the 9500 block of Branchville Road will discuss the idea, and guage interest of North College Park residents.

In other businesses, there will be  nominations & selection of new directors and treasurer to fill vacancy. Members will also discuss new businesses, like Pepco, Mosquitoes, Sector Plan.

As always, meeting will start at 7:30pm at Davis Hall. See you all tomorrow.