Here is the agenda of tomorrow’s NCPCA meeting As usual, the meeting will take place at 7:30 pm at Davis Hall.

7:35  Compassion & Choices.  Mr. Robert Landau will present info about efforts to promote ‘Death with Dignity’ and change Maryland law.  Read more at .

7:55 NCPCA Bylaws & Membership Dues.  The following were discussed on Jan. 10.  Formal motions will be accepted today for vote on March 14.  NCPCA Bylaws are at .

1.  Change to Article 1 Name.  The following text is proposed for addition to the Bylaws, after the current text:  NCPCA is incorporated in the State of Maryland as North College Park Citizens Association, and uses that name for all tax and legal purposes.

2.  Change to Article IV Membership Section 3.  The following text is proposed for deletion:
The Association may, in addition to dues, assess an annual mailing fee to cover the cost of sending the newsletter and other communications by postal mail. 

3.  Dues.  Dues of NCPCA shall be $10 per year, starting on June 1 and ending on May 31, 2020.  Note:  Dues must be paid before the NCPCA officer elections on June 9, 2019.

8:10  NCPCA Picnic Update.  Marci Booth will present the latest information about planning for a picnic event in Spring, 2019.

8:20  NCPCA City Budget Priorities.  The list of City budget priorities was sent by email and will be posted with brief recap at the meeting.  The current list follows below.  We will add additions and then participate in a fun exercise to identify our priorities.      A summary will be presented at the end of the meeting.