Starting this month, City’s Municipal Scene will go completely digital. This means that the new Municipal Scene is now an HTML based digital magazine.

At a recent worksession, I brought up the idea of converting the Scene from the pdf format to the HTML based web page format, in order to make it significantly more accessible. Because it is now completely web-based, it can now be auto-translated in up to 103 languages and the translation will render within the document itself providing a seamless view.

You can access the June 2019  Municipal Scene in the current format here:

Additionally,  new features include:

  • Unlike a static pdf document (like the old Municipal Scene), this new version is mobile/tablet-ready and will resize based on the screen size.
  • Depending on your browser or computer/mobile settings, text can display larger and it works for text-to-speech readers (for those with vision difficulties).
  • Stories can be better highlighted and made more prominent
  • The publication has an easy to use the table of contents/menu and is searchable, making content easy to find.
  • The Municipal Scene can still be printed

Now that the Municipal Scene is completely digital, video, animations, and other things can also be embedded to jazz up the publication.

Thanks to our staff in City’s Communication department for making this conversion possible.

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