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The Metropolitan Development in North College Park Comes Before Council

In tomorrow’s worksession, the City Council will discuss the Metropolitan Development at Route 1 and Cherokee Street.

The original DSP for this project was submitted by JPI Development Services, LP and was called Jefferson Square at College Park. It was approved by the District Council on March 6, 2007 with conditions. The City entered into a Declaration of Covenants and Agreement with the applicant which was never recorded as the subject property was not purchased and the project was not developed. DSP’s are typically not valid beyond three years, however, the District Council has extended the validity period for county DSP’s until December 31, 2013 (legislation is pending to extend this period further).

Metropolitan Development Group has submitted a DSP application to MNCPPC in order to make some changes to the already approved plans. The Planning Board hearing is scheduled for December 5, 2013.

Elevation from Route 1

College Park, MD 20740



Current site from Route1


The following table summarizes the differences between the previous approved plan and the proposed amended plan. The Detailed Site Plan (DSP) is being reviewed for compliance under the 2002 sector plan not the 2010 plan.

 Approved PlanAmended Plan
Total units205283
Townhomes (Total)4555
16′ wide031
20′ wide3024
24′ wide150
Multi-family (Total)160228
1 bedroom7793
2 bedrooms6796
3 bedrooms160
Building Height5 stories3-6 stories 1
Proposed Lot Coverage128,938 sf130,441 sf
Total parking spaces592398
Loading spaces323
Retail space41,500 sf4,133 sf

We have a few concerns about the proposed changes, especially in the areas of parking and the reduced number of retails. We plan to meet with residents and developers and discuss those concerns.


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  1. Pat

    I have some serious concerns after seeing the breakdown. They are increasing the number of units dramatically, while drastically reducing parking. This part of the neighborhood already has parking issues due to the existing townhouses and the apartment building next to the church – people are already parking bumper-to-bumper along the woods on Cherokee and all around Catawba and Blackfoot. Now we are going to add 283 dwelling units with only 398 parking spots for each? That is almost half the parking per unit as the previous plan.

    Will there have to be permit parking along 48th Pl and Catawba St. to ensure that homeowners are able to park their vehicles? The last thing I need is to have to park 10 minutes away from my own house, and then have to deal with the increased risk of having my car broken into.

  2. Pat

    Another question I have is if the townhouses will have driveways/garages, and if so are they being included in the parking figures? Even if they are, we know that most of these units will be occupied by residents with one or two cars per unit – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single car parked in a garage in the townhouses on Blackfoot/Catawba.

  3. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Pat , The new design proposes an above ground structured garage enclosed by the multifamily building on all sides to screen it from adjacent uses. Also, parking requirements for the townhouse units are accommodated in individual unit garages

  4. Pat

    I’m also concerned about the “20-30 foot landscape buffer” between the new three-story townhouses and my two-story house and backyard. Is there a requirement that they actually complete the buffer, that they use faster-growing evergreen trees, and that the trees that they plant be a certain height when they are planted? Otherwise the four houses along 48th Pl. that abut this development are in for a decade of people overlooking their back yards.

  5. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Pat, I will ask the developer about the questions on buffer. Also, we are meeting with the residents on next Monday evening to discuss concerns you and other nearby residents have. Please let your neighbors know. Fazlul

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