Pond near Davis Field

I was at the Davis Field Park the other day. There is a little nice pond north of the park. Unfortunately, it appeared to me that the water of the pond has gotten dirty and has become a major source of mosquito infestation. This is posing a health risk to the nearby neighbors and the kids/families who frequent to the park.

I was also told by a nearby resident that the pond has become a dumping ground of bulk trashes, such as bikes, etc.

Later I was found that this pond is a Water Quality Pond installed by Prince George’s County years ago as part of the stormwater management program in the city. It is owned and maintained by the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works, not the City. This pond is identified as Indian Creek #12.

Ideally, if it is doing its job properly, it should not be clean. This pond and area is also on the master list maintained and checked routinely by the State of Maryland’s Department of Agriculture’s Mosquito Control staff.

The Prince George’s County DPW&T later told us that they have it scheduled for work this season, probably starting in September. The contractor will drain the pond, completely clean it, remove the old bikes and other debris, plant new grass, etc., and re-fill it. They will notify the City about a week before the project is to begin.

Thanks to City’s Public Works and DPW&T for coordinating this much-needed cleanup. Please let me know if you need more information.