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The Little House at the Gateway

The Little House

You must have seen this house.

It’s a little house at the corner of Rt.1 and the Edgewood Rd.

For north College Park residents, the corner is considereded as the gateway to the neighborhood.

The house is positioned at an odd location. In a 5-3 votes, the city decided last week to remove the house and turn this into a park. It’ll spend $25,000 plus use $25,000 in Open Space (POS) funds – a state fund managed by Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Some expressed concerns on the use of the city’s matching fund for the project. Others don’t agree.

 It’s going to serve as the entryway to our community, and I believe a welcoming landmark could help ensure that our City cares about its appearance and welcomes people.  Also, I feel that more green space and parks on Route One would help improve the use of Route One and help make it more pedestrian-friendly.  The City has proposed using money set aside for the Hollywood Commercial District to help improve this property – although I would like to see funds put toward improving the appearance of the Hollywood Commercial District, we need to first see what the County does with that intersection before engaging in other infrastructure improvements. – says council member Patrick Wojahn.

The NCPCA passed a motion in its Regular Meeting in November 13, 2008 authorizing the city to build the “concept of construction of the Hollywood Gateway Park, under the city ownership”. It also asked to get the citizens’ feedback on the construction.


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  1. laura

    I’m curious about this house. I drive past it everyday. A couple years ago it was very sad and ragged looking. Boarded up, with spray paint all over. Then, someone clearly put some time and money into cleaning it up. It’s still not very pretty, but it’s a million times better than what sat there before.

    Still, I noticed the City put up several stop work notices on the doorway during the renovations. Now it’s being turned into a park? And torn down, I suppose? Who owned it? Who cleaned it up? Why is the City focusing on this property, while ignoring the dozens of desolate eyesores of boarded up buildings along Rt 1?

    I love parks, but what about the owner?

    This also brings up the question of the house on the other side of Edgewood – The huge brick house sitting behind trees. It’s a beautiful building. I’d love to see a coffee house in there. I’d even settle for a dentist office… Anything, other than watching it fall into ruin.

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