College Park Community Center - Areas 3 - 7 will host Community Groups

We’ve just added the 53rd community group to our growing list of participants in College Park Day event.

Just a month ago, in our organizing committee meeting, we felt a sense of nervousness on the lack of group participation in this event. At that time we barely had a little over 10 groups. “We emailed, left messages, yet to receive response from these groups” – said one organizing committee member with a tone of frustration.

Since then, the number of participants has grown steadily.

So much so that, this morning, we were discussing if we can afford to take any new group, given the limitations of resources and facility space we have in the College Park Community Center parking lot, where we’ll be hosting these groups together. After discussion, we decided to make October 6 (this Wednesday) as the last day to register as a vendor / participant to the event.

I hope we can accommodate each one of the group request we’ll be getting in the next few days, and make them to be part of this great event. Isn’t coming together is the main reason why we all started this event several months ago?