Every year, the City’s Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) recognizes residents, businesses and other organizations in the community for their dilligence in promoting the welfare of the environment.

Think you live greenly? Awards are given out for nominees who have made outstanding local contributions to our environment via these four categories: Environmental 3-R’s ‘Reduce – Reuse – Recycle’, Environmentally Friendly Landscaping and Beautification, Conservation of Natural Resources and other Environmental Achievements.

In July, the CBE gave out four Green Awards to residents or businesses that took action to improve the environment of College Park. All were nominated by residents, community members or other businesses for their hard work. From picking up litter to educating the community about carbon-free methods of transportation, all award recipients worked hard to make our community greener and healthier.

And the winners are…

  • Russell Robinette (upper right picture) for picking up litter throughout Berwyn on a daily basis
  • Mr. Van & Mrs. Sangi Tluanga (home pictured at the top) for greening their home and yard and collecting litter in their neighborhood
  • Proteus Bikes represented by owner Laurie Lemieux (left picture) for its work in educating the community about biking and leading group bike rides to get more people riding bikes.
  • Stuart Adams for his efforts in mobilizing opposition to a proposed development on Route 1 that would have removed a last green space.

Congratulations to all our winners!

We Remember: It is with sadness that we note that Mrs. Sangi Tluanga passed away before she was presented with her award. She was excited to have received the invitation. We thank and remember her for her contributions to the community.

[City of College Park]