Retractable leashes are popular among many dog owners and are sold in many pet stores but there are many unknown dangers associated with these types of leashes. Many of the leashes extend up to 26 feet and while this does give a dog a lot of freedom it can also put a dog in dangerous situations: face to face with an aggressive dog or even in front of a moving vehicle!

The retractable cord on this type of leash is very thin and if the correct size is not used, a dog can easily break the line and find himself lost or injured. If the owner should get tangled up in the leash while the dog walking erratically, it can cause cuts and burns to the soft tissue of hands, legs, and even faces. Retractable leashes are often the root of many pet store, vet office, and dog walking debacles. The freedom that they can grant really is not worth the hidden dangers.

[City of College Park – City’s Animal Welfare Committee]