At next week’s Council meeting, The Council will review this year’s annual parade, which was held on May 4, 2024, at 10am along Rhode Island Avenue, starting at Hollywood Shopping Center and ending at Duvall Field.

This year’s parade was scheduled carefully to avoid conflicts with other local events and school exams. Taking advantage of the date, the event featured a Star Wars theme, aiming to draw a larger crowd.

Planning commenced in late 2023, with initial outreach to local organizations beginning as early as May. Despite contacting nearly 200 groups, only 35 confirmed participation. Safety concerns led to the exclusion of one martial arts group. To ensure a vibrant parade, the City paid nine groups to participate.

Advertising efforts started in January, utilizing social media, local publications, and community notices. Despite these efforts, community participation remained limited, with rain further reducing attendance to about 1,500 people.

The parade’s budget totaled approximately $34,000, primarily covering traffic control and performer fees. Despite the challenges, the event showcased the City’s dedication to engaging the community, though increasing participation remains an ongoing goal. Staff continue to strive for higher engagement, hoping to see growth in future parades.