Election signs of four candidates running in the 2023 special mayoral election. [photo credit: The Diamondback]

Thanks to everyone who voted on our Election Day this past Saturday. So far, a total of 1901 voters have voted. This is amazing.

So far, 629 voters voted at the City Hall, 866 voted at Davis Hall last Tuesday, and 406 voted by absentee ballots.

We hope to get the initial results next Thursday. The Board of Elections Supervisors want to wait a few days for the absentee ballots to come in. Last Saturday was the last day to drop absentee ballots by mail.

The final results will be announced at 3 pm this Friday, May 12.

As we wait for the final results, I want to thank my candidate colleagues for running and giving our residents options. No matter who wins, I’m confident our residents will be in good hands as we work together to move College Park forward.