I want to take a moment to thank you all for re-electing me and giving me the opportunity to serve you for the next 2 years as your City Council representative. The trust that you have put on me as your representative means a lot to me. I ask your help in advising me with your ideas and thoughts, throughout my new third term. In the end, we are together on a journey to make north College Park a better place to live for all of our neighbors.

I also want to congratulate Council-Elect Ms. Nagle for her election as your other Council representative. I am excited to have Ms. Nagle as my new colleague. I commend Ms. Nagle’s passion for putting residents’ interests first, and I think we both will make a very strong team representing your interests on the Council. We’ll soon come up with a joint strategy with ideas on how and when we can make some tangible changes to our district. Some of the exciting work will include Hollywood Streetscape project, wide and continuous sidewalk on Route 1, Gateway park development, more services and programs for our residents of all ages, and finally improved public safety.

I also want to congratulate Mayor-Elect Wojahn for his election to the next Mayor of College Park. As residents of north College Park, we both will continue to work together to bring more services and amenities to north College Park residents.

The last few days have seen some unfortunate strong feelings among some of our neighbors. Mr. Wojahn, Ms. Nagle and I will work hard towards the healing of those hard feelings. We’re one community, and we cannot afford to have divisiveness among our neighbors.

Thank you and have a very good night!

Sincerely yours,


p.s. You can see the preliminary election results here on City’s website.