Thank You for Making a Difference

Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning at the Hollywood commercial district beautification project. We worked together to face lift one corner of our commercial district – the area where the dry cleaner is located. Check it out when you drive around the corner. It should look a lot better than what it looked last week. The team planted flower plants in the island and also in five big planters. We pruned trees, mowed grass, painted retaining wall, guardrails and dumpster. We also did quite a bit of cleanup.

Thanks also to all our sponsors – MoM’s for breakfast, Public Works for compost, property owner for the plants and paints and Greenscape Horticultural for free service and equipment. Thanks to Mayor Pro-Tem Mitchell and Council member Wojahn for their time as well.

A very good job done by everyone. Please stay tuned. We plan to do a few more beautification projects in the coming months.
Here are a few pictures showing the changes the team made at today (before on the left and after on the right).,


retaining wall

little island



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1 Comment to “Thank You for Making a Difference”

  1. By Bill Smith, July 13, 2015 @ 7:34 am

    Looks much improved!