Today the new Council will swear-in. This also means that three of my current Council colleagues will leave the Council. They are Councilmember Christine Nagle, Councilmember Mary Cook, and Councilmember Stephanie Stullich. I really enjoyed working with them in the past and I’ll miss them a lot on the upcoming Council.

In particular, I want to thank Councilmember Nagle for her dedicated service for District 1 residents during her terms as our Council member. She has always put district 1 residents’ interests before anything else. Though I will dearly miss her as my colleague in the new Council, I’m very happy to know that she will stay committed to the further improvement of our neighborhood.

I much appreciate Ms. Nagle’s long and hard advocacy to have a community center for north College Park residents. North College Park is largely residential having a significant portion of city’s single-family homes. It’s imperative that the City makes a top priority to provide recreational programs and space for our neighbors of all ages in our part of the City. Unfortunately, though residents have been asking for the center for many years now, very little progress has been made to this date. Ms. Nagle’s continuing advocacy for this project will be much needed and appreciated.