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Thank You Blizzard Braves!

Since we discussed the importance of serving our elderly citizens after snow storms, I had some very good responses from a few neighbors. Together, we spent the entire yesterday afternoon going door to door of the elderly residents living in the neighborhood.

The volunteers shoveled snow on the walkways and driveways of these neighbors’ residences.

Because of the heavy volume of snow, we could only cover houses on 53rd Avenue, Edgewood Road and Mineola Road. I wish we could get more volunteers so that we could serve the entire neighborhood in our district.

We hope to continue such services in the coming days of this winter season. If you’d like to volunteer or if you know any elderly residents needing such help, please let us know. The experience is very rewarding; the elderly residents really appreciate such help.

Here are a few pictures of the Blizzard Braves in action. Thank you all for your service.


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1 Comment

  1. Habibah

    I miss the neighborhood, and especially you, the family, and the neighbors! Thank you for each flake removed, and each heart warmed, one million times!

    Take care

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