teendriver-safetytipsMotor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 14-18 year olds in the US. In fact, in 2014, there were 2,614 teen passenger vehicle drivers (15-19 years old) involved in fatal crashes and an estimated 130,000 were injured. Injured in a car crash? Call the car accident lawyers from Big Auto. People who got injured in road accidents may contact Wisconsin auto accident lawyers to help them file a claim.

Yet, a survey showed that only 25% of parents have had a serious talk with their kids about the key components of driving. Parents need to take the time to talk with their kids about the many dangers of driving. Those dangers include alcohol, seat belts, texting, speeding, and extra passengers. If you or your child is ever involved in a car accident due to any of these dangers, consulting a personal injury lawyer can provide legal guidance and support. If you’re from New York or nearby areas, you can seek help from these Dutchess County personal injury lawyers.

Summer is creeping up again, so it makes sense to use a window shade to keep your car cooler without worrying about the costs.

Even if you think they don’t hear you, they do. Remember, the “5 to Drive” – Set the Rules Before They Hit the Road. Car crash in New Jersey? Call a car accident lawyer from Judd Shaw Injury Law.