Tax Free Week

Today (August 18) is the last day of Maryland’s Tax – Free week, when you can skip the sales tax on many items you’d buy anyway.

Per the Comptroller’s Web site: “[Q]ualifying apparel and footwear $100 or less are exempt from the Maryland 6% sales tax.” These items include

Dresses (under $100 each dress)
Shoes (including flip-flops, wellies and boots — under $100 each pair)
Cold-weather gloves
“Aerobics Clothing” and sports uniforms
Bras, Tights and “underclothes”
Bathing suits

The entire list of what’s taxable and what’s not can be found here.

Also, the City Council proclaimed August 12-18 as “Buy Local and Independent” week. Check out the hot deals you can benefit from by shopping College Park.