County Councilwoman Mary Lehman told me yesterday that at her direction, her staff is requesting that the P.G. County bill is drafted and presented prior to the County Council’s August recess. The bill should make it onto the council agenda by July 11, but it will not be heard in committee until September.

I first came to know about a similar program in Howard and Montgomery county (please see here), and then contacted our two County Council persons representing College Park. Thanks to CM Mary Lehman for her help in getting the bill drafted.

Once the bill gets a number, I will let you all know, so that we can start advocating and lobbying to other County Council members. I’ll also work to get letters of support from the City Councils in College Park and the surrounding cities.

On a related note, our staff has added a worksession item to discuss the possibility of implementing a similar tax credit program on City’s portion of property tax revenue. Once it’s put on the calendar, I’ll let you know.

Thank you all for your interest in this bill.