Spaying / neutering can help prevent pet homelessness

At last night’s Four Cities’ meeting, it was announced that residents within Zip Code 20737, 20740, 20783 (which includes college Park), can now spay / neuter their dogs and cats for free.

The program is initiated by the City of Greenbelt, but will be supported by the partnership of: Greenbelt, City of College Park, New Carrollton and Berwyn Heights.

Having your dogs and cats spayed and neutered can help reduce pet homelessness. There are more than 5 million dogs and cats living in animal shelters; over 50% of these are estimated to be euthanized.

There are also over 70 million stray dogs and cats in this country. A fertile cat will give birth to 4-12 kittens every year; a fertile dog will give birth to 4-6 puppies each year. Dog and cat over population is the major contributing cause for dog and cat homelessness, and the high rate of unnecessary euthanasia in shelters.

The program is absolutely free for low income residents, but others are encouraged to contribute, if they can. The major barrier for low-income pet owners to having their pet sterilized is the cost of surgery. The Maryland Statewide Spay/Neuter Fund was created to fund spay/neuter surgeries for low income/at-need pet owners.

More about the program can be found here.