I’ve recently come to know this cool recycling program called ‘Recycle Bank‘. Residents in many cities are saving bucks through this program. The way the program works is fairly simple – when the recycle trucks collect recyclable items from the residents’ houses, they weigh the items and award the residents with reward points. The technology is pretty cool – the recylable bins used in such programs have sensors that the trucks use to send the reward points to a remote sever electronically. The residents can later redeem the points in their local stores.

How recycle bank works

The City of College Park does not have any such program. I hope we’ll have this program in near future.

I like this program more than the other programs like ‘Pay As You Throw (PAYT)’ – something I blogged about earlier. While many may find the PAYT a kind of punishment for not recycling, I think Recycle Bank works the other way – it offers a sense of encouragement to the residents by giving them actual rewards.