Picture this:

Our neighborhood is in ruin. A natural disaster has hit us. Our houses, schools, shops, places of worships, roads are all devastated. Residents’ bodies are lying around on the streets, many neighbors are are trapped in their houses, many school children are still waiting to be rescued from their ruined classrooms. Firefighters and police are trying their best but they are running against time – they are facing too much odds.

Let’s be thankful it did not happen here – but it’s just happened somewhere else – in Haiti. We all must have seen this already – on our TV screens, on the internet.  Just because it’s happened another part of the world, this shouldn’t stop us from extending our helping hands. Let’s do our best.

True there have been tons of aid works being done by local and federal agencies, they are also asking us to make contributions at personal levels.

If you’d like to contribute directly, you can attend the Survival Kit Drive at the Embassy of Haiti tomorrow. Here is the link to find more details:


If you don’t have time, please make your contributions to one of the national charities. Here is a list where you can find a list of charities: