In case you didn’t know – the residents of our county have earned a new title – we’re, most likely, the unhealthiest folks living in the entire state of Maryland and even in DC. A recent report prepared by RAND Health for the County Council found that Prince George’s residents are  more likely to be obese and diabetic than others living elsewhere in Maryland and in the District.

According to a state assessment of children’s health in Prince George’s, nearly 40 percent of children ages 2 to 11 were overweight. Most were in lower-income families. The study said 33 percent of adolescents had eaten three or more meals at a fast-food restaurant in the previous week.

Not surprisingly, a simple check on sites like this will reveal the connection between eating at fast food restaurants and the large amount of calories coming from foods in these restaurants.

The unhealthy state of our residents came to more public attention after a news article on the abundance of fast food chain stores in the county. The good news is – an activist group is trying to change just that. More here..