I love this…

This is the first email I received yesterday morning from one of my neighbors..

I am not sure who did this, but someone (or some group) went out of their way to go around the entire block of Mineola and plow all of the sidewalks and the driveway entrances…along the entire street, both sides. We should find out who these chipmunks are and thank them. [Anonymous neighbor]

Yesterday our neighborhood received another hefty 6 inches of snow. This prompted many of our Blizzard Braves team members going into the streets doing the usual things – shovel snows from the side walks and the driveways. So I called the member to confirm if he was the one who took care of the street mentioned in the email. He was rather embarrassed to say ‘yes’.

There were other members who took care of a good part of the Edgewood Rd., 53rd Ave. and 52nd Pl. Thank you all again for your good hard work.

We need many of them to take care of the entire neighborhood. I know many of our neighbors, especially the elderly ones would appreciate their works – no matter what we call them – Blizzard Braves or Snow-Plowing Chipmunks.