Amid the bad news of all recent crime incidents, here comes a good one.

A suspect in the past May 28 sexual assault incident, William De-Jesus ANGEL-MENDOZA was arrested early this week by Metro Transportation Police Department (MTPD). MTPD Detectives kept the information close hold as they continued to seek witnesses to the incident and gather evidence locally and in Boston, MA.

The source, who is a Spanish speaker, and having established a rapport with Officer Sarrichio, contacted Officer Sarrichio and CID to disclose the exact whereabouts of the wanted suspect.
Detective Archer and Officer Sarrichio responded to University Blvd & New Hampshire Ave. to make contact with the source who relayed suspect’s current location.  Suspect was detained while additional units assisted in bringing a witness to their location for a show-up. 
W-1 positively identified S-1, who was arrested and charged with Kidnapping (child under the age of 16) & 1st Degree Sexual Offense (child under the age of 16).  

MENDOZA is from El Salvador and has been described as with a snake tattoo running the length of his left  forearm with the head of the snake on the inside of his left wrist.

Metro Police released the suspect’s picture back in June (please see at the left). Alarmed by the assault incident, local residents and riders organized a petition drive asking Metro to install safety cameras at the Metro entrance that leads to north college park neighborhood.