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Survey Finds Attick Tower Seniors Unhappy with Safety, Management

Attick Towers senior citizen home at Rhode Island Avenue

In tomorrow’s woksession, the Council will discuss the College Park 2012 survey that the City conducted among the seniors living at Attick Tower. The senior home is located at the corner of Rhode Island avenue and Greenbelt Road.

Total number of units in Attick Towers is 108. Staff distributed one survey per unit/household in each building.

The number of respondents somewhat and very dissatisfied with their neighborhood increased from 0 responses in 2011 to 5 responses in 2012.

The percentage of respondents experiencing problems decreased in all categories except for water/plumbing and kitchen appliances which increased by 25 percent and 40 percent respectively from 2011 to 2012.

More respondents are calling for maintenance or repairs, but are calling fewer times this year than in 2011. The number of respondents calling for maintenance or repairs more than 4 times decreased (2 respondents called in 2011 and 0 respondents called in 2012).

Among the respondents who called for repairs, the length of time taken for emergency maintenance and repairs in the category of more than 24 hours taken increased from 1 response in 2011 to 5 in 2012.

Non-emergency maintenance in the building improved. The length of time taken for nonemergency maintenance and repairs showed progress by the increase in the category of less than 1 week taken from 18 responses in 2011 to 20 responses in 2012 among respondents who have called for repairs.

Feelings of safety in Attick Towers decreased from 2011 to 2012. Specifically:
• The number of respondents feeling somewhat unsafe and very unsafe in their unit increased by 4 responses (from 2 responses in 2011 to 6 in 2012).
• The number of respondents feeling very unsafe in the building increased by 5 responses (from 0 responses in 2011 to 5 in 2012).
• The number of respondents feeling somewhat unsafe and very unsafe in the parking area increased by 7 responses (from 3 responses in 2011 to 10 responses in 2012).
• The number of respondents feeling somewhat unsafe in the overall neighborhood increased by 5 responses (from 1 response in 2011 to 6 in 2012).

The highest response percentage for residents feeling unsafe in the building in 2012 increased to 65 percent for “other residents / visitors.” The number of respondents feeling unsafe in the building because of drug problems and security problems increased by 3 responses from 2011 to 2012.

Staff is recommending Council to invite to management from both Attick Towers and Spellman House to attend an upcoming City Council worksession to independently review survey results and continue to conduct resident survey for both buildings.


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  1. I wonder what made people change their perceptions about the safety of the building. Guess the service and security overtime has not improved due to reasons like underpay of employees or lack of updated security equipment. But these are just speculations though.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Glenda, The building management told the Council on Tuesday night that they are working to install security cameras inside the building. Hopefully that will improve the security situation of the building.

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