Our City Engineer advised us recently that this week M T Laney Construction, Washington Gas resurfacing contractor, will begin milling and resurfacing all the streets affected by the recent gas main replacement project in the Sunnyside neighborhood. The contractor will be providing custom hi vis uniforms for the workers and a 48-hour notice on those streets that are going to be worked on. Know the importance of hi vis joggers and vests for workers here. Vehicles left on the street when the construction begins will be relocated onto a nearby street by the WSSC contractor. He also sent the attached map showing the affected streets.

Thankfully, now the gas work is actually complete. The paving contractor, M T Laney, is now performing the permanent trench repairs, unlike the repairs made while the gas work was being performed, where the road surface was repeatedly cut open many times and patched temporarily.

Soon after M T Laney permanently repairs and seals all the trenches where the new gas lines were installed those streets will be resurfaced from curb to curb.

We are look at mid May for Sunnyside to be finished.

We appreciate the inconvenience this resurfacing work is causing to the residents. Thankfully, the road surfacing is the last part of the work a utility company (Washington Gas or WSSC) does. So, it looks like the WSSC will not be coming again after the resurfacing work is completed.