Sunnyside May Get a Park / Playground

Back in March this year, we met about 20+ Sunnyside neighbors to explore the public use of the green space at the east end of Odessa Road, in Sunnyside neighborhood. This is a 1.2-acre land donated to the City in early 2000 by Kerensky family.

at the meeting, the residents want to see an amenity being added to this green space. At the meeting, a small neighborhood park appeared to be a popular and cost-effective way to use this land for community’s benefit. There was some good discussion about maintenance (putting trash receptacles) and safety (lights, fence etc) once we decide to build the playground. The preference was to use the space close to the beltway, instead of the space close to the residential homes.

Staff estimates that the cost to build a small park would be 65K-95K at this site. This includes the cost of play equipment, labor (such as excavation) and other park-related materials. The cost is based on the construction of similar parks the City has built in other neighborhood. The funds spent in building the park could be 100% refunded through the Community Parks and Playgrounds Program of the State of Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources. Similar grant money has been used to build playgrounds in other parts of the city, the most recent one being the playground in the Crystal Spring neighborhood.

In City’s FY19 budget, the Council approved this allocation, staff will now apply for the DNR grant for this park. The deadline to apply for this grant in the upcoming year is August 2018. We hope to get a response by the end of this year. If approved, the park could be built early next year.

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