Students Present Complete Street Study on College Park’s Streets

Presentation made by students on complete street study project

Presentation made by students on complete street study project

Today, a group of high school students presented the results of complete street in the College Park Council Chambers. The faculty adviser and the graduate student coordinator introduced the project and students, and the students gave about a 20-minute presentation / PowerPoint of their findings. This was followed by a question and answer session.

The students reviewed the following streets:

1. Edgewood Road to 53rd Avenue
2. Hollywood Road to Narragansett Parkway
3. Fox Street to Indian Lane to 51st Avenue
4. Berwyn Road to the CSX railroad
5. Cherokee Street to Rhode Island Avenue
6. Berwyn House Road to Rhode Island Avenue

Unfortunately, except Edgewood, all 3 streets in north College Park (Hollywood, Fox and Cherokee) got an F grade, mainly because of lack of sidewalks there. On a positive note, we are working with our City engineer and local residents to have sidewalks on Hollywood from Rt 1 to Rhode Island.

I want to send a big THANK to the students who took part in the project. We found the results from the study extremely helpful and will certainly help prioritize repair work on major streets in our neighborhoods.

you can check the student presentation and the study report here on the project’s website here .

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