Unlike last year, College Park downtown this year has been spared from yet another embarrassing post game riot.

Some may point to the UMD’s loss  to Duke to explain why the riot did not happen; others may attribute this to the organized efforts like “Beat the Duke” campaign by UMD SGA and others in the campus.

Yet, others may say it’s the much publicized prayer rally by the students and the local police departments that may have prevented the cahoatic post-game riot.

Regardless of the reason(s), the big news we ought to celebrate is the fact that downtown was quiet and calm after the game.

The prayer service at the West Chapel was attended by a number of law enforcement officers, plus a few students and local residents.

UMD police Chief Mr. David Mitchel and local PG Police Chief Maj. Liberati was also present at the service.

Among the students who participated in this event at Memorial Chapel last week were Senior Kenny Theodos of UMD’s Methodist Campus Ministry, Katie Furlong of a campus organization called The Gathering, and Adam Norris of UMD Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Council member Marcus Afzali also spoke at the event.

Students liked that the event was well-organized, and that police officials shared their faith and time in prayer with other members of the campus community.” – said one local student active in local faith community group.