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“Street Takeover” in College Park

Last night a loud street take-over incident happened last night at the Edgewood Rd and Rhode Island Avenue intersection.

Based on what I learned, from 2:00 AM till 2:40 AM, about 15 high-powered cars did burnouts + spins in this intersection to a crowd of 150 or so. They blocked the intersection on all roads. Cars spun around at high rpm with loud screeching and smoke from spinning tires. A police helicopter showed up around 2:20 AM. Around 2:45 AM, Police ended the spinouts, and the crowd dispersed.

Police said several cars were impounded. They are investigating the incident further.

You can watch a video of the incident here:


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  1. Quinn

    Thank you for posting the news. How could citizens navigate through that intersection during that specific time? As a mayoral candidate, what measures would you take to prevent such behavior?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Quinn, Thanks so much for your question. The incident involved more than 60 people. Police a;almost immediately responded by sending their “Guardian” helicopter to assess the situation. They had to spend some time to plan on how they could disperse the crowd. Police also arrested individuals and impounded vehicles. I’d thought that the police would be advising us not to go through that intersection during this period, and instead take alternative routes, such as Route 1 to get around. Being the Mayor, I’ll make sure we have stricter penalties to anyone who do such behavior. In the past we actively supported State bills against exhibition driving. Unfortunately the bill did not go past the legislative committee. We continue to advocate the bill along with our regional leadership iuin the next legislative session. Thank you.

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