Downed Tree at 51st Avenue (near Cherokee)

Just finished driving around the neighborhood (in District 1)

Pepco crews are still working at Mineola / 52nd Avenue to restore power there. The entrance to Mineola from 52nd Pl. has been blocked. I saw a tree on 51st Avenue (near Cherokee) blocking the street. (picture below). In terms of power outages, there are four spots in east Hollywood and one near Daniel Park / Branchville area. You can check the outage map here on Pepco’s website:

Sunnyside looks pretty clean, except one downed tree at the corner of Rhode Island and Paducah (no street blocking).

Other than dead branches and debris on the streets, they look fairly clean and open. I saw Public Works trucks cleaning up those debris.

Again a reminder, today’s trash and recycles will be collected Thursday. Wednesday’s trash and recycles will be collected Friday.

It looks like the worst is behind us. That said, City’s Emergency Operations Center will continue to operate today, please call 240-487-3590 if you see any issues that need to be addressed (blocked streets, clogged stormwater drains, or downed trees).

Good News. Metro will restore bus and rail service Tuesday afternoon with Sunday-level service on most lines, and expects to resume normal service levels (i.e. rush hour service) for Wednesday morning’s commute. More here.

MARC trains services are still suspended. Federal offices, Prince George’s schools and UMd will remain closed today. Routine City operations will also be suspended again today and City buildings will remain closed.

Stay safe and drive safe. Please let me know if you have any questions.