In last spring, the CBE  and CCRIC had their first storm drain marking project of the year. It was agreat event and I took a few pictures which you can see here.

They will be organizing the second event on this Saturday morning. Volunteers will again be working on the East and West sides of Rhode Island Ave. between Edgewood Rd. and Univ Blvd. Several Boy Scouts will be participating, along with some residents too. 
It’s a project you can do in your very own neighborhood. All you have to do is come to Hollywood ES and pick up supplies, have breakfast, and you’re on your way back to your neighborhood. It’s an easy job if you don’t mind a little walking and also satisfying to know that you might be helping the uninformed from depositing their used oil, trash, etc. down a storm drain that ends up in our local waterways. 

Please contact CBE member Janis Oppelt ( ) if you want more info on the event.