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Storm Drain Marking Event Roundup

Yesterday I attended the storm drain marking event that took place in most part of the north College Park. The Committee for a Better Environment of the City of College Park organized this event.

Many community members took part in this event. Volunteers also included several members from the Pan-Hellenic Association (the U-MD sororities). The event started from 9am and continued until 2pm. Volunteers started their work at the corner of Rt 1 and Erie St. at Wood’s Flowers store.

The area was divided into a dozen or so sub sections. Volunteers were assigned to take care of the areas of their choices. They walked / drove through designated streets and followed a County map where storm drains are supposed to be. They cleaned off the area of the curb where the marker would go and used hotmelt adhesives to place the marker on that cleaned spot. They also marked the location on the County map where they really found the drain. Finally they placed door hangers describing this project—and the importance of not dumping in the drain–at the surrounding houses.

Thanks to the CBE members, organizers and volunteers for making this great event a success.

I took a few shots of the event. Here they are. Please enjoy.



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  1. Janis Oppelt

    Thanks Fazlul for circulating information about this event. However, I do want to give full credit for the oganizing to Vicky Hageman, Secretary of CCRIC (Citizens to Conserve and Restore Indian Creek). (See for more on their mission.) I was more of the assistant…;-)

    Also, we will be having other similar events, probably one in April and another in June. When we have the dates, I will let you know.

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