Storage Facility Proposed On Route 1 in North College Park

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will host a Public hearing to get input about a proposed development at the property located on the west side of US-1 at 9604 Baltimore Avenue across from Hollywood Road. The proposed project will raze the existing building, currently used as an office (Atlas Realty, Inc.), and construct a 6-story storage facility.

The project will be accessed from a shared 25-foot wide private right-of-way. The property is zoned Commercial Shopping Center (C-S-C) DDOZ in the Corridor Infill Character Area. The applicant will need to request an amendment that is addressed at Detailed Site Plan and requires approval by the District Council.

The Planning Board hearing is scheduled for Thursday, June 21th, 2018. Staff is recommending the approval of Preliminary Plan of Subdivision 4-17042 with the following conditions:
(a) Eliminate the bus pull-off lane and cycle track shown on the plans along the property frontage and provide a minimum 10-foot landscape strip with a minimum 8-foot wide sidewalk.
(b) Contribute funding towards construction of planned sidewalks on Hollywood Road east of Route 1.
(c) Provide bus shelters on both the east and west sides of Route 1, if sufficient right-of-way exists at existing bus stops in the vicinity of the subject property.
(d) Provide directional trail signage for the Paint Branch Stream Valley Trail.
( e ) Dedication of ROW to the City, as needed, to replace the private access drive with a new City road, in the future.
(f) Acknowledgement of responsibility of maintenance in the Baltimore Avenue right-of-way for pedestrian light fixtures, landscaping, and sidewalks.
(g) Restriction that no vehicle larger than a 26-foot truck or greater than a gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 lbs. shall use the joint shared access driveway.
(h) Commitment that the Applicant shall manage parking/traffic during peak movein/ move-out times through scheduling and on-site staff.

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2 Comments to “Storage Facility Proposed On Route 1 in North College Park”

  1. By Ryan Hess, June 19, 2018 @ 2:13 pm

    What is the wisdom behind trading off a bus pull-off lane for an 8-foot wide sidewalk? Please ask this. That area sees some pedestrian traffic, but not at downtown volumes.

  2. By Fazlul Kabir, July 18, 2018 @ 9:01 am

    Thought I replied this before but looks like it didn’t get posted. It was WMATA who suggested not to have the bus pull-off area, as it often causes the delay in getting buses back to the road. Unfortunately, not having the pull-off area may cause traffic congestion on the travel lanes. So in the end, it’s good for buses, bad for other vehicles.