Design showing stop signs at Niagara Road

A number of residents in the area have expressed concerns about safety at the new entrance on the Niagara Rd (West), as part of the Rhode Island / Edgewood intersection improvement project.

As one resident emailed me: “There are now four exits and entrances for automobiles at Niagara. In other words you have to look out for cars in four different directions, whereas before you just looked left and right. the other day I tried to cross Rhode Island as usual, and was startled by a car exiting from the opposite side of Rhode Island and trying to enter on my side. The driver managed to stop, even though he threw his hands up in the air like he was startled by me being on the way over in front of him. I quickly retreated.”

The County and the City have been contacted on this and thankfully the County’s contractors have agreed to install two stop signs there to address the issue. They said that two stop signs will be installed by this coming Wednesday if not sooner.

Please see the attached map for more details on the proposed stop signs. Here is a Google map, in case you want to know the location of the intersection.