New stop signs at Rhode Island and Niagara Road

Since we first reported the safety situation at the new Rhode Island / Niagara intersection, our City and County officials have been working hard to address that. We would like to thank them for their excellent coordinated work, as they actually brought two stop signs at the intersection sooner than we expected (they said the sign would be installed by next Wednesday). A job well done!

One of the two signs is located at the service road ending at the Niagara Road and the other one is installed at the east end of Niagara Road ending at Rhode Island Avenue. These two signs will definitely improve traffic safety situation, but we still have concerns about vehicles going into Niagara Road from Rhode Island Avenue. These vehicles often come to the intersection too fast, so much so that other vehicles on the service road and Niagara Road may face the danger of accidents.

We hope to discuss the safety situation in a meeting with the City engineer and the officials from County’s Public Works sometime next week. Hopefully we can find a solution to this remaining safety problem in that meeting. If you have any other concern or idea about the safety at that intersection, please let me know.